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Pooja detergent is a market leader in the detergent industry in India, it has consistently introduced new product formats and innovated ahead of the competition to meet the evolving needs of Indian customers. Pooja detergent has many product options and provides exceptional cleaning on a variety of stains. Pooja detergent provides deep cleaning and scented freshness at a reasonable cost. Pooja detergent was introduced in the 1976, has always emphasized the husband-wife bond. It has been recognizing the shift in this relationship toward a more progressive perspective, considering that the modern woman is the head of the household and handles many duties. When this product was released into the domestic market, it performed a marketing miracle. Its innovative formulation promises an effortless cleaning experience in the washing machine by cleaning even the dirtiest areas without the extra effort of brushing or scrubbing. Pooja detergent wash leaves your clothes feeling soft and shiny after washing and leaves them smelling fresh.

Fast Dissolution

Solvency rate is more than 80% with no insoluble particles in

No Added Colours

White colour shows the purity of product as it manufactured with high quality raw material.

Soft on Hands

No use of caustic soda and other acidic chemicals gives you a soft hand and clean clothes.

Quick Cleaning

Best grade Chemicals
takes out
hard stains easy.

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Putting People First:
Our Commitment to Employee

At POOJA DETERGENT, we firmly believe that our greatest asset is our people. As a company that values its employees and considers them an integral part of the family.....


POOJA Detergent:
A Legacy of Trust and Expertise in Laundry Cleaning Since 1976

When it comes to the laundry cleaning business, one brand has stood the test of time as a beacon of trust, quality, and experience - POOJA Detergent....