Putting People First
Our Commitment to Employee Well-Being

At POOJA DETERGENT, we firmly believe that our greatest asset is our people. As a company that values its employees and considers them an integral part of the family, we understand the importance of ensuring their well-being and security. To express our gratitude for their hard work and dedication, we have taken a significant step to safeguard their health and the welfare of their families. We are proud to announce that we have provided comprehensive insurance coverage to all our labor and staff, extending this privilege to their families free of charge. This bold initiative showcases our commitment to putting people first, emphasizing that their health is as crucial to us as it is to them.

POOJA Detergent
A Legacy of Trust and Expertise in Laundry Cleaning Since 1976

When it comes to the laundry cleaning business, one brand has stood the test of time as a beacon of trust, quality, and experience – POOJA Detergent. With a legacy dating back to 1976, we have been the dominant players in the industry, consistently delivering premium detergent cakes and powders that have won the hearts of millions of households. Our commitment to excellence and our unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction have earned us a reputation that stands unrivaled. Today, we take pride in being recognized as a name synonymous with trust, innovation, and reliability.

How to Choose the Best Detergent Powder for Your Clothes

When it comes to keeping your clothes clean and fresh, choosing the right detergent powder is crucial. The market is flooded with options, each claiming to be the best, but how do you separate the hype from the reality? Let’s dive into the factors you should consider when selecting the best detergent powder for your laundry needs.

Detergent Usage Tips for Efficient Cleaning

In the realm of household cleaning, the choice of detergent plays a pivotal role in achieving optimal cleanliness. Among the myriad options available, easy detergent powder stands out as a versatile and effective solution. Harnessing the power of natural ingredients, it not only cleans effectively but also minimizes environmental impact. Let’s delve into some expert tips to make the most of your easy detergent powder for efficient cleaning.

Detergents and Allergies: What You Need to Know

In the quest for clean clothes, we often overlook the potential risks lurking in our laundry detergents. While they promise pristine whites and vibrant colours, many conventional detergents contain harsh chemicals that can trigger allergies and irritate sensitive skin. However, with the rising awareness of eco-friendly alternatives, natural detergent powders have emerged as a safer and gentler option for both our clothes and our health.

What is the Difference Between Soap and Detergent

Soap and detergent are two common household items that we often use interchangeably, yet they have significant differences in their composition, functions, and environmental impacts. Understanding these disparities can help us make informed choices about which product to use for specific cleaning tasks. Let’s delve into the details of what sets soap and detergent apart.